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Natyr Fair Trade Cosmetic Against Animal Testing 2016/07/12
For the raw materials and the cosmetics used, Natyr (skin care products) do not endorse, promote, require, lead or commission to animal tests that involve vivisection, exploitation, mutilation, suppression or any other form of animal cruelty.
Natyr selects natural ingredients, mainly fair trade, whose functionality, effectiveness and cosmetic properties can be assured by the scientific literature, without resorting to testing on animals.  
It undertakes to purchase ingredients and products from manufacturers or suppliers who have not conducted, commissioned or taken part in animal testing for cosmetic purposes after 2004 (date of placing Natyr products on the market). And when a formulation, an ingredient or a product does not meet these requirements, we undertake to find its alternatives.
This controls the use of animal ingredients to those that fail to provide forms of animal cruelty and supporting projects of Fair Trade. (eg. honey) 
Natyr promotes this commitment to their suppliers, requiring them to provide statements on the matter.  Natyr for this adheres to the standard CRUELTY FREE, entrusting the verification of their own work with an external party, to the voluntary association and independent VIVO- Committee for Conscious Consumption.   
VIVO Accreditation is available at:  www.consumoconsapevole.org 
and Natyr is on the list of  VIVO certified products on "cruelty-free"
On 11 March 2013, after awareness campaigns passed the European law that bans testing cosmetics on animals. This last stage has completed the prior measures placed in 2009 with Law 2003/15, for which neither the finished products nor their ingredients can be tested on animals. It has taken the last mile with the inclusion of all kinds of tests even the most complex in order to rely on alternative methods for assessing and ensuring the safety in cosmetics. However, the fact remains that pharmaceutical field is being excluded in this practice.
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