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Oxfam Fairtrade 
Organic Tea 1.8g x 100 bags
Organic Quinoa Biscuits 250g
Organic Instant Coffee 100g
Organic Dark Chocolate (72%) 100g x2
Tropical Wholefoods 
Apricots 125g
CTM Altromercato
Organic Cocoa Powder 150g 
Barley Powder (soluble)  120g
Organic Quinoa Biscuits (Original) 240g
Prokritee Bangladesh Hogla Basket 
We can provide Plastic Bag Free Packing option upon request
Original $807

The pictures are for reference only

Delivery, message card and ribbon packing included. Change of items are welcome. FAIR CIRCLE has the right to substitute items with others of equivalent value based on stock availability.

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Producer:BIO FOODS (Pvt) Ltd (Fair Trade tea)
BIO FOODS (Pvt) Ltd (Fair Trade tea)  

"We are now organized and growing organic tea instead of non-organic tea. Our quality of life has improved, that is a fact, we have vigorous farms."
K. Mannikam - Oruwella block

Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 1993 as a devoted organic and Fair Trade Company to export different varieties of organic food products. At the very beginning (before 2000), local farmers in Kandy were scattered and vulnerable to exploitation as they were selling unprocessed green leaf which were purchased by some companies at low prices.
Through organizing local producers, providing agriculture training to boost yield and quality, purchase can be ensured and farmers can increase their income. They can also build a tea-and-herb processing plant. Bio Foods helps create more added values to the tea products and create more jobs in the region.
The social development project initiated by Bio Foods creating The Small Organic Farmers’ Association (SOFA), a dedicated organic farmer group who produces organic spice & tea under Fair Trade concept. Bio Foods has been receiving support from SOFA and Fair Trade Premium in the aspects of funding, projecting and technology. Through Fair Trade, the nearby villagers also benefit from the social activities like drinking water supply projects, community centers and education support programs for children. Also, as a Fair Trade association, SOFA adopts democratic principles, to have annual election by the members and a majority consensus is required for decision making. Fair Trade not only allows farmers receiving more income, but also improves their farming ability and self-authority. The whole community will become more self-sustainable in the future by the improvement of education level, environment and infrastructures.

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