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Producer:MOUNTAIN FRUITS(Fair Trade apricot)
MOUNTAIN FRUITS(Fair Trade apricot)  

He likes Mountain Fruits as it is like holding the hands of the poor. “If Mountain Fruits were not buying directly from us then people from the bazaar would use the prices to cheat and we would probably get half of what we get now." He wants Mountain Fruits to make improved drying technology more widely available to other farmers.- Salman Ali

Mountain Fruits is a Pakistani Fairtrade dried fruit and nut company, which trains farmers in Northern Pakistan skills in solar drying fresh fruits and processing nuts. In the mountainous region, despite adequate supplies of dried fruits and nuts, farmers have difficulty selling their products due to the poor transportation, hence often resulting in wastage and rots. Added with extreme and arid weather, 40 degrees Celsius in the summer and -10 degree Celsius in the winter, livelihood is harsh in these region.
They also train farmers in improved agricultural and organic techniques, to increase production on the scarce land of the mountain farmers.  Mountain Fruits apricots are all Fairtrade certified so that in addition to farmers receiving a guaranteed Fairtrade minimum price, the community also enjoys a social premium over and above the product price. Farmers have an annual vote on the premium usage. Other than that, the community receives a development

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