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Oxfam Fairtrade Organic Quinoa
Product Code: OX27002
Origin: Boliva
Certificate: EU organic-guarantee label
Quinoa is an unique cereal plants from South American highlands (originally from the Andes) . Quinoa contains 8 kinds of amino acids essential for human beings. Quinoa seeds contain rich proteins, calcium, iron, vitamin E and vitamin B.
It is more comprehensive in nutrition, with a low glycemic index, low in carbohydrates, can reduce the consumption of white rice, help control blood sugar, prevent cardiovascular disease and promote metabolism. Quinoa is more nutritious than normal grains and is the only single plant that provides comprehensive nutrition.
1. With Rice: Rinse the quinoa, cook with rice as porridge or rice.
2. With Dishes: Rich Omega-3 for dishes: Sprinkle on meatloaf and steamed together ; Fry the quinoa in a pan until scented. Fry thoroughly with meat or vegetable. 
3. Salad:Cook with a double amount of water for about 4-5 minute. Turn it into slow fire once after boil. Season with milk, cheese or salt as preference. Cook for another 7 minutes. Serve as salad by mixing the cooked quinoa, with fruits, vegetables and salad dressing.
Tips: Roast the quinoa before cook. Replace potatoes or rice with quinoa. What a yummy and nutritious meal!
Suitable for vegetarians

Nutrition Information 營養資料

Per 100g/ 每 100 克

Energy / 能量    351 kcal / 千卡

Protein  蛋白質

14.8g / 克

Fat, Total 脂肪總量

5.0g / 克

- Saturated fat 飽和脂肪

0.5g / 克

- Trans fat 反式脂肪

0.0g / 克


58.5g / 克

- Sugars 糖

1.8g / 克

Fibre 纖維

6.6g / 克

Sodium  鈉

0.02g / 克

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Brand:Oxfam Fairtrade

"Sale to Fair Trade Anapqui is in a coordinated process. Anapqui allows us to directly export without intermediaries."

ANAPQUI or the National Association of Small Farmers of Quinoa was formed in 1983 as an association of small farmers organized to sell and market quinoa collectively. The mission of the groups is to improve the living standard of quinoa producers of the Bolivian Highlands. The farmers of ANAPQUI belong to two different indigenous groups of Bolivia: the Aymara and the Quechua people. The group became Fair Trade Certified in 2001 and organic certified in 1998. Through Fair Trade, ANAPQUI has experienced considerable export growth. Due to increased trade, Fair Trade farmers are having larger incomes and therefore have been able to improve their quality of life. Cooperative members now have better housing, clothing, more education for their children, greater access to health services and the ability to reinvest additional incomes into their farms and acquiring vehicles for transport.

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