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FAIR CIRCLE Moroccan Organic Rosemary oil 10ml

Product Code: GIE-RM-010
Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant parts: whole plant
Origin: Morroco


~ Keep a clear mind. Enhance memory
~ Suitable for headaches and muscle fatigue
~ Helps blood circulation, suitable for dull, oily skin

Application examples:
-Air purification : 10 drops of rosemary + 15 drops of lavender + 10 drops of peppermint +100 ml of distilled water. mixed well in a bottle and spray
Relieve fatigue and muscle pain: Rosemary + Eucalyptus + lavender oil, apply during massage or bathing

*Note & Caution:
~ Not applicable for patients of high blood pressure and epilepsy
~ Must be diluted or blended with carrier oil when using directly on skin
~ Fair Trade natural essential oils are not tested on animals
~ Store away from sunlight

下載香薰油小冊子 Essential oil Catalogue:

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Producer:Morocco Women Cooperative
Morocco Women Cooperative  

The organic herbs, argan oils, hydolats, mineral powder, are collected and processed by the local women cooperatives in Morocco. Fair trade guarantees producers reasonable and sustainable income. They are empowered and their social and economic statuses are enhanced.

Fatima, raised her three children alone since her husband left. Now the children are grown up, and she is 60 years old, lived alone. She wants to work and support herself. Her work in the production of argan oil support 60% of her living expenses. The rest are supported by her children. The Cooperatives also offer women's literacy classes and preschool education for children.




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