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Silver Brass and Cotton Bracelet

SA- J- 002


Ancient Indian brass adornment
This special handmade only accessory was made by Indian indigenous tribes and has intergrated ancient intelligence, simple technology and modern aesthetic perception. Dhorkra is a type of traditional lost wax casting technique, which has its origins in the indigenous tribes in central and southern ancient India. All basic materials needed are natural, for example: beeswax, resin, firewood extracted from the forest, clay in the riverbed etc. The production process requires traditional handicrafts of the craftsmen but not any high technology.

Brass and copper accessories made by Dhokra can make summer dress-ups more exotic. Its design is simple and pleasant and matches perfectly with T-shirts or plain clothes. Brass bracelets and necklaces also fit smart casual wear well.

Most producers from Dhokra are Indian aborigines and they work as a family, or even produce handicrafts together. Fair trade helps persecuted aborigines to improve their livelihoods, and to allow their handicrafts to be approved and to be developed sustainably.

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Sasha is a founding member of the Fair Trade Forum in India and member of WFTO. Established and based in Kolkata since 1978, Sasha is a non-profit Fair Trade organization and marketing outlet for 150 craft producer groups in North-East India. Many of them are marginal producers and 80% are women.

Sasha mission is to empower the disadvantaged artisans through capacity building, financial and management support, ensure both the traditional skill and livelihood of artisans can be sustained.


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