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Recycle Paper Bangle

SA-J-007 Recycle Paper Bangle

This bangle is really hard, is it made of wood?
No, this colourful, hard but light bangle is made by compressed, recycled paper. Indian craftsmen once again use their intelligence and the limited resources, and turned recycled paper into bangles. Each product has hand-drawn patterns, and is both environmental-friendly and beautiful. Some consumers once asked whether this bangle would melt in water as it is made of paper. You do not have to worry, there is a layer of oil on the bangle so it is both waterproof and scratch proof.

In hot summer days, many people like to wear printed skirts or loose ethnic style clothing. This Indian recycled paper bangle matches with them perfectly. Even if you are only wearing plain shirt, this bangle can also bring you an exotic feeling.

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Sasha is a founding member of the Fair Trade Forum in India and member of WFTO. Established and based in Kolkata since 1978, Sasha is a non-profit Fair Trade organization and marketing outlet for 150 craft producer groups in North-East India. Many of them are marginal producers and 80% are women.

Sasha mission is to empower the disadvantaged artisans through capacity building, financial and management support, ensure both the traditional skill and livelihood of artisans can be sustained.


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