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FAIR CIRCLE Geranium Oil 10ml

Product Code: SA-O-04
Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant parts: whole plant

~ Light and soft floral scent, anti-fungal
~ Regulate hormones / endocrine, balancing and soothing

Application examples:

1) Oil Balancing: add to rose water / Argan oil / Coconut oil and apply on the skin

2) Soothing menstrual pain: Geranium + Lavender + Massage with carrier oil

*Notes & Cautions:
~Not suitable during pregnancy
~Must be diluted or blended with base oil when using directly on skin


Suitable for vegetarians

Essential oil Catalogue:

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RASA (Ruro Agro Services Association) was formed in 1991 by Sasha as a trust, aiming to equip women from underprivileged communities, trains them for producing a range of natural body and hair care products.
Rural women were identified at the outskirts of Kolkata city where RASA office is situated.  Sasha, a fair trade organization and member of WFTO, provide all the required inputs from production and managerial skill training, identification of raw material sources to accounting, quality control, group management, and marketing support.

Kabita Das has been with RASA since 1991.  All these years with RASA, Kabita has gained herself to oversee all aspects of production and supervision of the unit. Even with her limited education, she also represents RASA at exhibitions and promotional events across India.  Her dedication and her enthusiasm to learn new skills make her a core member to RASA.


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