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FAIR CIRCLE Eucalyptus Oil 10ml

Producer Code: SA-O-03

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant parts: leaves
Origin: India

~ Up-lifting, promote concentration
~ Excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation, dispel phlegm,
Suitable for respiratory diseases, common colds and throat infection
 Application examples:
1. Relieve respiratory problems: Eucalyptus + lemon + cedar wood oil.
Add 1 drop of each in a bowl / cup of hot water. Inhale with head covered by a large towel.
2. Relieve fatigue and muscle pain: Use during massage or bathing
3. Relieve leg cramps: Eucalyptus Lavender + Geranium + Lavender oil.
Massage with carrier oil
*Note & Caution:
~ Not suitable for high blood pressure & epilepsy patient
~ Must be diluted or blended with carrier oil when using directly on skin
~ Fair Trade natural essential oils are not tested on animals
~ Store away from sunlight
Suitable for vegetarians

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Producer:Mereville Trust
Mereville Trust  

Mereville Trust was set up in 1994, is a Fair-Trade Organization, located in South India. In May 2004, Mereville has become a member of WFTO –  Fair Trade International Organization. They use honest labour principles and treat all of their employees with dignity and respect. They employ mostly women in order to increase their standard of living, and that of their children, and they provide health benefits along with a standardized minimum wage.

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