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FAIR CIRCLE Mt Fuji Terracotta Oil Burner


FAIR CIRCLE Mt Fuji terracotta burner packed with handmade jute paper box.  

Add 6-8 drops of FAIR CIRCLE essential oils to the mountain top with water, light up with candles, enjoy the pleasant smell and relaxation of aromatherapy.
Box size ~12X12X12cm
Burner size ~11X11.5cm


TerracottaFAIR CIRCLE Terracotta Burner
FAIR CIRCLE latest design, Mt Fuji Terracotta Burner, handcrafted by Bangladesh artisans in rural villages.  Terracotta is a family craftmanship, many of these families belong to the lowest caste which categorized as “Dalits” or “untouchable”.  These craftmanship are slowly replaced by machinery and metal materials, many artisans face difficulties to sustain their livelihoods and traditional skill.  FAIR CIRCLE incorporated the traditional craftsmanship in our day to day items, provide jobs and livelihood for terracotta artisans to sustain.

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   Prokritee, an independent organization initiated by Mennonite Central Committee, has transformed numerous Bangladeshi women’s lives, families and their community since 2001. Prokritee is a service-based agency providing managerial, product design and development, and marketing assistance to the poor rural women in Bangladesh. It also develops new techniques and products with natural resources available in Bangladesh and provides handicraft trainings to over 800 women. Managing 8 enterprises specialized from producing handmade paper, coconut, weave baskets made from Kaisa grass and palm leaves to products made from jute and hemp, Prokritee offers jobs to poor rural women who are widows, divorcees or head-of-households with little or no income to help raise their standard of living.


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