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Oxfam Fairtrade Cocoa Almonds 100g


Cocoa Almonds 

Nutty, sweet, crunchy roasted almonds,  covered in hazelnut chocolate

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Brand:Oxfam Fairtrade


Producer:MANDUVIRA (Fair Trade Sugar)
MANDUVIRA (Fair Trade Sugar)  
“Fair trade pays more than the market price (about 15 percent). One big difference, we feel satisfied and happy. With fair trade, as a farmer and as a man, I enjoy more respect.” Antonio Manduvira

“With Fairtrade, the farmers have more motivation and they are returning to caring for their land. They can now improve the standard of living for their families and the community, and ensure more education for their sons and daughters. They feel useful – that they can help their family and community and co-operative. That’s why Fairtrade is so interesting to them.” Luis Dario Ruiz Diaz, President of Cooperativa Manduvirá
Oxfam Belgium Organic Indiv Loose Sugar is made in Paraguay by Manduvira. It is located in Arroyos y Esteros, a region with many small landowners. Most families own between 1 and 5 hectares of land only and sell their sugar cane to the middlemen. Now, Manduvira helps the farmer to produce and export their organic cane sugar directly. With fair trade, farmers able to connect sugar cane producers and earn higher, stable income. Today, it counts 1,400 members of which 800 are sugar cane producers who are organic farmers and plant over 2000 hectares of organic sugar cane. Manduvira invests its fair trade premium and is building up both local capital and expertise. Besides, it teaches local producers ecologically responsible techniques in an experimental field.

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