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FAIR CIRCLE People's Mask (2pcs)

$99 / 2 pcs
(Size: S / M /  L - with black colour) Please indicate size and colour in remakrs.

FAIR CIRCLE People's Mask is made with hand-woven cotton and sewn by Bangladesh Fair Trade producers. Under the mainstream of Bangladesh's fast-food fashion foundries, our partner Artisan Hut is one of the few that preserves traditional hand-woven technique which helps local underprivileged groups become self-reliant.
FAIR CIRCLE People's Mask
People's Mask usage instruction
Fair Circle launched the first round of People's Mask operation from April to June, work together with 5 fair trade partners in Northern Thailand, Bangladesh and India in producing more than 42,000 People's Mask.  We distributed the masks freely to local communities in nine regions of the above three countries, and teach them about the correct usage of the mask and epidemic prevention knowledge. Furthermore, People's Mark project not only protects the local underprivileged communities at the economic and community health level but also encourages our fair trade partners all around the world to pay attention to and use masks as early as possible in the early stages of the pandemic outbreak (mid-March). The producer's recognition and appreciation by their local community is an unexpected outcome:
"At first, I thought these were all medical thing which we do not need, after we started making People’s Mask, we feel good about it, also the community treating us some respect as we are involved in making this important product during this COVID crisis period." Sharing of Bangladesh producers

For more information and update of People's Mask project, please visit 
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