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Nepal Key Holder

Origin: Nepal

Code: N-WSDP-SF008
Hand-dyed by Nepalese women, who then produce different styles of bags.
The pictures are for reference only
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Producer:Women Skill Development Project
Women Skill Development Project  


The Women’s Skills Development Project (WSDP) was established by local female villagers in Nepal to produce its traditional handicrafts with the aim of helping the poor and unfortunate women in the rural villages of Nepal.  They provides free handicraft-related skills training as well as business management, health and English classes so the women could become self-supportive, and even provide a better income for their families.  With only 16 employees in the early 1990’s to over 200 today, WSDP became registered as a local NGO in 1995, is now a member of World Fair Trade Organization – WFTO and the founding member of Fair Trade Group (FTG) Nepal.

WSDP products are hand dyed using natural plant in Nepal by Nepalese women.

Chumaya Pun' Story

Chumaya Pun is unable to move freely. She has been discriminated against and neglected in the village. Even her parents thought it is impossible for Chumaya to integrate to normal life. Until seven years ago, Chumaya came to WSDO and found her dignity and worth. She also enjoys group life; the women there become her support and comfort, and in a group she also learned a lot.

When we look outside WSDP, these women are poor, discriminated against, oppressed and disadvantaged. But when we see them in the WSDO, they are a group of professional craftsmen, handmade products with many consumers appreciation.


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