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Oxfam Fairtrade:
Organic Dark Chocolate 5g x 8
Organic Milk Chocolate 5g x 8

Original $51

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Producer:Cooperative AGRICOLE KAVOKIVA de DALOA(Fair Trade Cocoa)
Cooperative AGRICOLE KAVOKIVA de DALOA(Fair Trade Cocoa)  

“The health and health insurance are the major strengths of the fair trade premium. The death rates fall. Previously thirty farmers died a year, but now only four per year.”  Fulgence Nguessan, president of Kavokiva.

Oxfam Belgium Chocolate Spread and choclate made with cocoa beans produced in Ivory Coast by Kavokiva. It was founded by 600 local farmers in Daloa, the heart of the cocoa-growing region, since 1999, and now there are more than 5,817 local farmer members. Cocoa is the main source of cash income for most farmers in Daloa. Most of them are small farmers with an average of 3 hectares of farmland. Schools and clinic is too far away causing illiteracy rate among agricultural communities as high as 95 percent, and inadequate health care service. Kavokiva improves the social and economic position of its members by supporting the production and marketing of their cocoa and coffee. This includes paying a higher price for members’ beans than local traders and providing credit for farm inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. On the social aspect, they built a health center, and offer free health insurance, adult literacy, AIDS awareness, prevention of child labor, and education.

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