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FAIR Organic Basket

比利時 Oxfam Fairtrade:
Organic Tea, 4 Flavors 1.8 g x 25 bags x 4 flavors
Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea 1.8g x 20 bags
Organic Quinoa Biscuits 260g
Organic Instant Coffee 100g
Organic Mint Sweets 100g
Organic Creamy Honey 250g
Organic Liquid Honey 250g
Organic Quinoa 500g

意大利 CTM Altromercato:
Organic Quinoa Biscuits (Original) 240g
Organic Chamomile Tea Bag 22g
Organic Cocoa Powder 150g

Organic Turmeric Powder 30g
Organic Ginger Powder 30g
Organic Black Sesame 200g
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 200ml
Organic Tea (Apple Flavour) 2g x 25 bags

Moroccan Organic Dried Lavender 23g
Moroccan Organic Dried Rose 18g

英國 Tropical Wholefoods:
Organic Mango 100g

Bangladesh Handmade Jute Paper Box

Nepal Basket Large


We can provide Plastic Bag Free Packing option upon request
The pictures are for reference only
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Producer:Morocco Women Cooperative
Morocco Women Cooperative  

The organic herbs, argan oils, hydolats, mineral powder, are collected and processed by the local women cooperatives in Morocco. Fair trade guarantees producers reasonable and sustainable income. They are empowered and their social and economic statuses are enhanced.

Fatima, raised her three children alone since her husband left. Now the children are grown up, and she is 60 years old, lived alone. She wants to work and support herself. Her work in the production of argan oil support 60% of her living expenses. The rest are supported by her children. The Cooperatives also offer women's literacy classes and preschool education for children.




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