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FAIR Healthy Wellbeing Basket

比利時 Oxfam Fairtrade:
Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea 1.8g x 20
Organic Quinoa Biscuits 260g
or Organic Quinoa Biscuits 240g
Organic Liquid Honey 250g
Muesli 375g

意大利 CTM Altromercato:
Organic Chamomile Tea Bag 22g
Rosehip Herbal Tea 40g
Barley Powder (soluble) 120g
Baobab Powder 120g

Organic Turmeric Powder 30g
Organic Ginger Powder 30g

Moroccan Organic Dried Lavender 23g
Moroccan Organic Dried Rose 18g

Natural Heating Pad (Wheat)

意大利 Natyr:
Moroccan Argan & Prickly Pear Seed Oil Shampoo 200g
Natural Argan & Prickly Pear Seed Oil Shower Oil 200ml

Nepal Thailly

Bangladesh Handmade Paper Star
Bangladesh Handmade Jute Paper Box
Bangladesh Hogla large basket with handle

We can provide Plastic Bag Free Packing option upon request
The pictures are for reference only
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Producer:MIEL MAYA HONING(Fair trade Honey)
MIEL MAYA HONING(Fair trade Honey)  
Miel Maya is important to us because it gives us a fair price. And thanks to the lessons of Max Garcia, we yield 2,700 kg of honey in this year as opposed to 99 kg the year before.” Ruben, a manager of Miel Maya

Oxfam Belgium Organic Creamy Honey is made in Mexico and Cuba. The cooperative, Miel Maya Honing, assembles the Mexico little beekeepers into three organizations. It buys and sells their products. 80% of the beekeepers are native and live in a mountainous region where they are isolated from the cities. Thus, honey is the only source of their income. Miel Maya pays beekeepers a fair price and gives them trainings to improve their production and the quality of the honey, for example training on bee disease by using natural treatment. Fair Trade, therefore, protects their income, improves their living standards, and avoids the exploitation of middle men.

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