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Bethlehem Hand-Drawn Ceramic Small Dish
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Producer:BFTA Bethlehem ceramics
BFTA Bethlehem ceramics  

BFTA (Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans) wishes to bring fair prices and working conditions to every handicraft producer in the Bethlehem area. They work closely with many other fair trade organizations locally and abroad with the common goal of bringing fair trade to Palestine.

Halima is one of the producers, liked painting flowers from childhood. She came to the fair trade ceramics workshop through friends and is responsible for the design of pattern. Here the wage is better than before, about HK$19 per hour. However, due to the turbulent situation in Palestine, the workshop can only pay on time calculations. Halima said that if given a choice, she wanted to live securely, not like that in Palestine, "Do not know what happen tomorrow". Hope God continues to give her the strength to work, to supply her and her family’s need through her hands.

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