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Time for Afternoon Tea
FAIR CIRCLE Assorted Floral Tea Box
(Moroccan Organic Dried Rose 15g, Organic Lavender 20g, Snow Chrysanthemum 15g, Prokritee Bangladesh Handmade Jute Paper Box) X 1
PODIE Sri Lanka Organic Spiceee Tea 2g x25bags
Oxfam Fairtrade
Organic Tea Lemon Flavor 1.8g x 20 bags
Organic Green Tea with Mint  2g x 20bags
Organic Quinoa Biscuits 250g
Maya Nougat Maya 8g x 10
CTM Altromercato
Organic White Flower Honey 400g
Tropical Wholefoods 
Organic Mango 100g
Prokritee Bangladesh Hogla Basket 
12 items
Producer:Ctm Altromercato
Ctm Altromercato  

Ctm Altromercato was founded in 1988 and is the first and the main fair trade importer and distributor in Italy, the second in the world. Altromercato is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, EFTA (European Fair Trade Association), A.G.I.C.E.S. (Italian Register of Fair Trade Associations).

Ctm Altromercato imports natural raw materials directly from 150 producer groups in over 40 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America at fair trade conditions.

Ctm Altromercato pre-finances the productions and helps the producers to access to credit. Altromercato also supports social, environmental, and technical projects within the community. Via establishing long-term trade relationships, Altromercato helps promoting respect of dignity and rights of marginalized groups.  Altromercato provides wide range of products, including 300 food products, 60 cosmetic products and 1,500 handicraft products.


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