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Double Organic Fruit Bar


Tropical Wholefoods:
Organic Fruit Bar (Apricot / Mango) 40g x 2

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Madame Traore was one of the saleswomen, selling clothes in the market. She said " It is better working at TON than selling as you never know if you are going to sell anything in the day no matter how hard you work but you know you will be paid for the work you do here."

Association TON is a cooperative of 2800 farmers. Many of their farmers grow mangoes and a large part of the cooperative's income comes from harvesting, drying and selling these organic mangoes for export. Each year, TON purchases thousands of tonnes of fresh fruits from the farmers and dry them in their drying station. Drying the mango is primarily women's work, and it provides them with valuable paid income during the 5 month mango season from April through to August, enabling them to eat well, get their children educated and to buy medicine when needed. The women also enjoy working all together.
Mangoes bring a lot of benefits to the members of TON. The fresh fruit farmers and the women can work together. In addition, the Fairtrade social premium provided can benefit the whole community. TON also run literacy classes for adults, and an Islamic school for children. They also have a great theatre group who do educative plays about child trafficking, health and sex education.

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