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Oxfam Fairtrade Organic Dark Chocolate (72%) with Cocoa Nibs 100g


Fine Belgian chocolate

Ingredients: Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa nibs*( 2%), vanilla*. Cocoa solids: minimum 72%. *Ingredient from organic agriculture.

Allergen information: May contain traces of soy, milk and nuts

Labels: EU Organic Label

Suitable for vegetarians
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Producer:CONACADO (The National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers)
CONACADO (The National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers)  
The association has taught me how to make cocoa wine. You learn something every day here. If there is a course, I can sign up. If you do not have the capacity, or if your community is not organised as well as ours, you do not get such opportunities.” Rosa of Conacado on training

The three Oxfam Belgium Organic Dark Chocolates are produced in Dominican Republic by The National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers (CONACADO). CONACADO is an umbrella organization, with eight cocoa sessions and account for 173 farmer groups. CONACADO helps small-scale cocoa producers and sells their cacao beans directly for export to eliminate the middlemen, 50% of its production sold to fair trade market – at a guaranteed minimum price. Conacado invests the premium it receives in sustainable storage facilities, fermentation and drying installations, offers good training and improvement of product quality, strengthening business and organizational practices. The result of all these efforts is cocoa of constantly better quality - and more delicious Oxfam Fairtrade chocolate!


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