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  Q1: Is there an extra fee for online shopping?  

  Q2: If I choose to pay online, must I create a PayPal account?  

  Q3: What are the procedures for a bank transfer?  

  Q4: How can I pay?  

  Q5: How do I order online?  

  Q6: Will my purchases be confirmed after shopping?  

  Q7: Are there any restrictions, regarding to where goods can be delivered to and any delivery fee required?  

  Q8: Can I pay upon delivery?  

  Q9: May I return a product?  

  Q10: How can I become a Fair Circle member?  

  Q11: If I am a Fair Circle member, am I eligible for discounts?  

  Q12: Will there be problems if I order chocolates in the summer?  

  Q13: In addition to the online store, are there any other ways in which I can order goods?  

  Q14: Before payment, will the system automatic allow me to create website jump to the account login web pagean account?  
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